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Our vision for Dev Internship Dotcom is to provide a real internship like experience working with modern technologies on real products to as many people as possible. We feel strongly it's a way to deliver a high amount of value, to help people grow and accomplish there goals.

Helping people has always been important to us and we've always been frustrated at not being able to offer internships/jobs to everyone we would have liked to in our careers. But with the power of Dev Internship Dotcom, we can now extend our ability to develop people to anyone who is looking to take a step forward.

We realize that not everyone has the means of investing in themselves, so we've opened up most ofour videos that we've spent countless hours working on, for free. If you're someone who truly would benefit from the premium experience and cannot afford it please reach out to us directly at ci@devinternship.com and we'll see what we can do.
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